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film Zione


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Over 14% of Malawians are living with HIV. The youth are one of the most endangered groups, the risk of contracting HIV being five times higher in girls than in boys. Condoms, that could save many lives, are often not used. The Malawi syllabus, both at primary and secondary schools, contain lessons on HIV/AIDS but in reality don‘t have a major impact on the change of the sexual behavior.


To introduce an effective HIV/AIDS prevention measure amongst the Malawi youths boNGO made the film ‘Zione’ (trailer). It is a story of a 17-year old Zione who due to financial hardships chooses to earn money through prostitution. The film is a platform for open discussion about love and relations-ships, draws attention towards STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and the importance of observing preventive measures.


The film is a amateur production of 2010. It can be watched in three parts on youtube:


Zione part I

Zione part II

Zione part III



DVD cover


In 2012 the film was distributed to 70 video-shows in Southern Malawi and screened with much interest. It is regularly being shown on the Malawian MBC TV and AFJ TV.