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Awareness-raising through films


To educate and raise-awareness on a big scale and even in the most secluded communities, film is a very good tool. Therefore, boNGO produced two films in the local language Chichewa in order to promote behaviour change and health.


film B’ella - story of a secondary school student looks into the issues of peer pressure, school bullying, molestation and importance of education

film Zione - story of a young prostitute looks into school drop-outs and HIV prevention



boNGO films in Malawi schools

boNGO is reaching thousands of children through screening the films at primary and secondary schools with a video-projector, sound-system and a generator (majority of schools don't have electricity). An important part of the project are well-led discussions before&after the screening.


boNGO films in Malawi cinemas

There are hundreds of cinemas in Malawi. Don't imagine a huge hall and popcorn. Rather a small house with electricity. These cinemas are very popular and usually screen low quality american and chinese films for about $ 0,05.

In 2012 a DVD with the film Zione was distributed to 70 cinemas in Southern Malawi and screened with much interest.

boNGO sees there a huge potential for simple, effective and inexpensive dissemination of important messages.


boNGO films on Malawi TV

Since 2012 the film Zione is regularly screened on the Malawian MBC TV and AFJ TV. The film B’ella has not been screened yet.



boNGO films in "western" schools

The film B'ella is an excellent entry point for discussions about life in Sub-saharian Africa at schools in the "western" countries.






Both films can be used for development education in primary and secondary schools in the "western" world. In 2011 the film Zione was distributed to schools in the Czech Republic, offering a deeper understanding of the HIV problem as well as an insight into the lives of the students’ peers in the Sub-saharan Africa.

The film B’ella is being screened in secondary schools in Scotland (in partnership with and other countries including the Czech Republic are to follow.