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Mango Model Childcare Center

Watch a 6-minute film covering the early education in Malawi and development of the Mango center.


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The Mango Model Childcare Center was built in 2010; though the pre-school (under a mango tree) has been running since 2002, as one of the activities of the Tiyende Pamodzi CBO, a local group of committed community members whose aim was to support the orphans in their village. The Tiyende Pamodzi group has also initiated three other childcare centers in their big village, and a home-based-care program helping the sick and elderly in the community. The group approached boNGO in 2007 and asked for support and a working partnership.




  • In 2008 with a donation from the Dutch Embassy in Malawi a maize mill was built that generates a little income for the operation of the four childcare centers.


  • From 2008 to 2010 the teachers from the four childcare centers attended training workshops run by boNGO and the Umodzi teachers.


  • In 2009 with a donation from the Swiss organization ‘Ostschweizer helfen Ostschweizern’ two boreholes were drilled next to the Mango and Chimwabvi childcare centers, providing a much needed source of drinking water. Watch a Video from the opening of the borehole and a photo-gallery).


  • In 2010 with a donation from the Dutch Embassy in Zambia and with a major voluntary involvement of the local community the Mango Childcare Center building was constructed.


  • Since 2011 the Mango teachers have been receiving a regular training and supervision from the boNGO team and the experienced Umodzi teachers.


  • In 2012 a community library was set up at the Mango Center.


  • The building also serves as a Community Center. Currently the local youth group is meeting there twice a week and making use of the library.


  • Since 2010 the Malawian foundation Mai Aisha Trust has been contributing towards the center’s monthly running costs.


  • In 2013 the teachers attended a Montessori Training at the Malawi Montessori Project and since then have been integrating in their lessons the Montessori philosophy and teaching methods.


  • During 2016/17 the Mango teachers are receiving a one-year extensive Montessori training provided on behalf of the School Linking Project. The training is facilitated by the graduate teachers from Umodzi centre. Furthermore, the Mango centre will  receive Montessori Materials produced by the Carpentry workshop at Umdozi Centre.


The Mango Center is situated on the Chikwawa road in Kantimbanya village (T/A Somba), 25 km South of the city of Blantyre. It is on the left hand side, between the mosque and Madziabango market, well-marked from the main road.