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Umodzi Model Childcare Center

Watch a 6-minute film covering the early education in Malawi and boNGO activities.

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The Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame was built in 2005/2006 and started to operate in October 2006. It has been initiated by the boNGO team and developed in co-operation with the local leaders and community.  For the first three years the boNGO team has lived next to the center in order to oversee and support its development.



  • From 2006 to 2010 the teachers have received extensive training and supervision from boNGO and other organizations. During that time a Teachers’ Manual was developed in co-operation with the teachers, suitable to guide even inexperienced teachers.


  • Since 2007 the local youths have been meeting at the Center for various group activities.


  • From 2007 to 2011 the boNGO team and Umodzi teachers were providing training workshops for 11 other childcare centers.


  • Since 2010 the Malawian foundation Mai Aisha Trust has been contributing towards the center’s monthly running costs.


  • In 2011 a community library was set up at the Umodzi Center.


  • In 2012 the teachers attended a Montessori Training at the Malawi Montessori Project and since then have been integrating in their lessons the Montessori philosophy and teaching methods.


  • Since September 2012 the Umodzi Center has been in partnership with the private Montessori school Mini Me. Together they are developing a School Linking Project.


  • Since 2013 the Umodzi Centre has been participating in exchange visits with the private Montessori school Mini Me in Blantyre city. The aim is for the children and teachers to learn about the diverse life found in Malawi as well as to build relationships beyond their economical/social status.


  • From 2014 to 2015 the School Linking Project was implemented at the Umodzi Centre. As a part of that the Umodzi teachers received an intensive one-year Montessori Training. They all graduated successfully and some of them are now involved in training of the teachers at the Mango Centre.


  • The School Linking Project also supported development of a Carpentry Workshop which provides training courses to the local youths and offers a job to the successful ones. The workshop aims at producing learning&teaching materials for the centre that can be also sold to other schools in order to generate income.


Visit the Umodzi Model Center

The Umodzi Center is situated on the Chikwawa road in Juma village (T/A Somba), 15 km South off the city of Blantyre. It is on the lefthand side, between Chazunda and Mirale police station, well-marked from the main road. The teachers are used to visitors and they will be happy to show you the school.