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School Linking Project

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Jan-Apr 2017

Oct-Dec 2016

July-Sept 2016


The School Linking Project aims at improving the learning environment in preschools through the implementation of the Montessori Method.


Furthermore, it provides carpentry training for the local youth involving the production of Montessori learning materials that are used in the Montessori trained preschools.


What happend so far

The School Linking Project was started in 2014 by Ruth Libuda. During 18 months Ruth implemented the Project in co-operation with boNGO Worldwide at Umodzi-Mbame Preschool in rural Blantyre, Malawi.

In July 2015 the 8 teachers of Umodzi-Mbame Preschool graduated succsessfully after a one year Montessori Training Course. The school now has a wide range of Montessori materials that the children use daily to support their learning.

The Carpentry had one sucessful graduate who helped produce the Montessori Materials used at Umdzi-Mbame. He is now running a little local carpentry business at the school which generates income for himself as well as the Preschool.


What’s happening now

After the successful completion of the 18 months implementation Ruth and boNGO decided that it’s worthwhile to continue the project.

Over the period of another year the second preschool “Mango” should be equipped with Montessori materials and the 8 teachers to be trained with the help from the graduate teachers from Umodzi Centre.

Two further Carpentry training courses shall be held in order to establish a Carpentry workshop that can produce Montessori materials for sale to other schools in the area.

In the long-run the Carpentry Workshop should be self-sustainable and the Teacher Training should be offered to other schools on a consultancy basis.


How is the Project managed and funded

The current project is co-ordinated by Simone Simwaka who is a founder of boNGO and a qualified and experienced teacher. The Carpentry Training and Workshop are co-ordinated by Johan Vanhoutte a long-term boNGO Volunteer and experienced carpenter.

The implementation of the project was founded by Crossing Borders Austria. In July 2015 the organization sent a representative to visit and evaluate the project. We are happy that Crossing Boarders was impressed by what they saw and have decided to help finance a further year for the continuation of the School Linking Project.

Additional funding for the project is provided by boNGO Switzerland.






Watch a 10-minute film about the linking project