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AECDM - Association of Early Childhood Development in Malawi

AECDM Association links all the activities within Early Childhood Development around the country among government, NGOs and private organizations.



Joshua Foundation

The Joshua Orphan and Community Care (JOCC) is a Malawi-based charity working in 19 isolated rural communities around Blantyre, supporting community-driven sustainable development projects to assist HIV/AIDS orphans, vulnerable children, and their families in Malawi.



Malawi Montessori Project

The Malawi Montessori Project is running a Montessori School (Pre- and Primary School) in Blantyre; providing training for surrounding schools, teachers and leader; and encouraging the Montessori philosophy - teaching and using of related materials throughout Malawi.




Panthunzi is a Center in Blantyre demonstrating and encouraging sustainable living through a Model Garden, educational school projects and leadership training.



Social Welfare Office under the Ministry of Women and Child development

The governmental office responsible for all projects relevant to Early Childhood Development.



Ministry of Education

The governmental Ministry responsible for all projects relevant to primary and secondary school education.