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boNGO in the Czech Republic was formed in August 2009 as a non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Its main aims are development education and raising funds for the projects in Malawi.


In 2011 boNGO piloted a new project  Zione in Czech schools.




Money collection

boNGO announced a public collection registered with the Magistrate of the City of Prague. Raised money is being used for teacher training, development of the new Model Childcare Center Mango and the project Zione in Malawi schools. Financial contributions can be sent at the transparent collection account at Raiffeisen Bank, a.s. (account nr: 6060660606/5500).



Presentations made by boNGO in the Czech Republic:


  • Economical University in Prague (2009)
  • Higher School of Social Works in Olomouc (2009)
  • Gallery of Modern Arts in Roudnice nad Labem (2009)
  • Fokus in Tábor (2011)
  • Secondary school of Economics  Kollarova in Prague (2011)
  • The English College in Prague (2012)