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boNGO's approach to development


boNGO has recognized the importance of the self-help approach of people at the grassroots and therefore is interested in supporting such development projects that have the active participation and sense of ownership on the side of the community. This very approach forms the name ‘boNGO’ - abbreviation of based on Need-driven Grassroots Ownership.



Therefore boNGO works with community organizations that:


  • Have clearly identified the challenges of their living situation
  • Have taken action to address these challenges without the initiative of external assistance (e.g. through development agencies or government offices)
  • Have proven that they are capable of running their programs but are lacking additional support (e.g. information, education, training, resources, financial support)
  • Understand and are prepared to work along boNGO's ideas and values of sustainable development



In short - boNGO doesn’t bring development into the communities but rather supports the community development projects that are already there, initiated and run by the local people.


As an example, read about the background of Tiyende Pamodzi CBO, the community organization that cooperates with boNGO on development of the new Model Childcare Center Mango