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about Malawi

Malawi in Africa

Malawi is a small landlocked country in southeast Africa, one of the five poorest countries with approximately 13 million people. Majority of the population lives in the rural areas and depends on subsistence farming. The most interesting geographic feature is lake Malawi, third largest lake in Africa, which has the most diverse fish population out of all lakes in the world. Malawi faces similar problems like other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa - HIV/AIDS, lack of medical care and drinking water, malnutrition, high mortality of children and mothers, malaria, illiteracy, low standards of education, deforestation and soil degradation. Malawian people are in Africa known for their peacefulness and hospitality and call their country “The Warm Heart of Africa.”


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Location of boNGO programs


boNGO operates in the rural areas of the south-malawian district Blantyre (Traditional Authority Somba), most especially in villages of Juma, Kantimbanya, Chazunda and Binali. With the awareness-raising films and Happy Classrooms project boNGO aims to reach other parts of Malawi too.


Bongo in Malawi
Bongo in Malawi