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boNGO is a non-profit non-governmental organization established to raise the standards of education in Malawi.


1. Early Education (children 3 - 6 years)

Development of Model Childcare Centers which provide a quality education and train teachers from other preschools


2. Primary Education (children 6 - 10 years)

Creating a print-rich environment for pupils, and providing teachers with durable teaching aids - the Happy Classrooms Program



3. Youth and Adult Education

Producing and spreading awareness-raising films




Malawian children and youths who are capable of logical thinking and independent reasoning with a good foundation of knowledge which allows for healthy development of the nation.



To develop and implement effective, innovative and low cost educational concepts replicable in communities across the world.


The name boNGO is an acronym of based on Need-driven Grassroots Ownership. It expresses the importance of a self-help approach by the beneficiaries and other people at the grassroots - a necessary condition for sustainable development.


Since 2009 boNGO has also been active in the Czech Republic and Switzerland, home countries of two boNGO directors, where it works in the field of development education and raises funds for projects in Malawi.


boNGO Team – the organization was founded by its three directors in 2007 after their practical experience from developing the first Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame in the South of Malawi.


18.06.2010 Borehole for the Mango Model Childcare Center

Swiss foundation Ostschweizer Helfen Ostschweizern provided finances for a borehole, which was drilled in the first week of June on the land dedicated for construction of the new Model Childcare Center in Kantimbanya. Watch a video from the celebration.Photo gallery.

15.06.2010 Construction of a new model center

boNGO in cooperation with the Tiyende Pamodzi CBO is embarking on building a new Model Childcare Center in the village of Kantimbanya. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Lusaka has decided to support the project and the building works will start in July 2010. Read more


06.08.2009 boNGO Switzerland

Development co-operation isn't something that only takes place in economically less developed countries, like Malawi; but equally requires change in economically more developed countries, like Switzerland.


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