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boNGO is a non-profit non-governmental organization established to raise the standards of education in Malawi.


1. Early Education (children 3 - 6 years)

Development of Model Childcare Centers which provide a quality education and train teachers from other preschools


2. Primary Education (children 6 - 10 years)

Creating a print-rich environment for pupils, and providing teachers with durable teaching aids - the Happy Classrooms Program



3. Youth and Adult Education

Producing and spreading awareness-raising films




Malawian children and youths who are capable of logical thinking and independent reasoning with a good foundation of knowledge which allows for healthy development of the nation.



To develop and implement effective, innovative and low cost educational concepts replicable in communities across the world.


The name boNGO is an acronym of based on Need-driven Grassroots Ownership. It expresses the importance of a self-help approach by the beneficiaries and other people at the grassroots - a necessary condition for sustainable development.


Since 2009 boNGO has also been active in the Czech Republic and Switzerland, home countries of two boNGO directors, where it works in the field of development education and raises funds for projects in Malawi.


boNGO Team – the organization was founded by its three directors in 2007 after their practical experience from developing the first Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame in the South of Malawi.


13.03.2011 launching an innovative project on HIV/AIDS prevention among youth

boNGO introduces an educational film called Zione (trailer), made especially for the Malawi youths. It is a story of a secondary school student Zione who is forced by the death of her father to support the rest of her family and starts with prostitution. The new project Zione at Malawi schools brings the movie to the primary and secondary schools all over the country with the aim of being a platform for open discussion about love/relationships and showing the importance of using condoms.

11.11.2010 boNGO in September and October 2010

A lot has been happening lately. Photographs with short explanations will tell you more ...

15.10.2010 Promo and fundraising music video on YOUTUBE

One year ago boNGO’s Managing Director Tereza Mirovicova appeared in a music video of a famous Malawian artist Lucius Banda. The clip became a part of a short movie serving as a unique tool to promote boNGO and raise finances for its development programs in Malawi. One of the Czech banks is behind the project and wants to contribute money to boNGO based on how much the film will be viewed. In this phase of the project you can watch the film here.

08.09.2010 What happened in August:

a) Another classroom was decorated within the Happy Classrooms program at Mbame Primary school

b) Construction of new latrines have started in the Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame

c) Mbame Primary school is with the support from boNGO establishing a new library

d) Another borehole was drilled and opened with boNGO’s support


See the photo-gallery.

16.08.2010 End-of-year closing ceremony at Umodzi-Mbame

The Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame in Juma village has been closed for holiday. See a photo-gallery from the last school day, when parents and other visitors gathered to celebrate ..... (4th August, 2010)

18.06.2010 Piloting Teacher Training and Exchange Program

Since May 2010 boNGO has been piloting a Teacher Training and Exchange Program with four teachers of two Childcare Centers in Blantyre (FRENASO Orphan Care and Living Word of God Orphanage). The training combines theory and praxis, taking place at the participating centers as well as at the Umodzi-Mbame Model Childcare Center. It is conducted by boNGO Directors and the senior teachers of the Umodzi Model Childcare Center, who by now have enough experience to work as teacher trainers. Based on this pilot project boNGO aims to develop a quality training program at a low cost, targeting the many childcare centers in Malawi in need of trained teachers. This program will also build an important part of the Model Childcare Center Program

18.06.2010 boNGO at Primary Schools

Since February 2010 boNGO has been working more intensely with the primary schools. Read more and see a photo gallery of Happy classrooms program.

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