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boNGO is a non-profit non-governmental organization in Malawi, South-East Africa, established with the aim of raising the standards of education in the country. boNGO works within:


1. Early Childhood Education

Raising the quality of early childhood education through Model Childcare Centers.


2. Primary School Education

Improving the learning environments in primary schools through syllabus-related paintings on classroom walls (project Happy Classrooms).


3. Youth and Adult Education

Producing and spreading awareness-raising films for both African and non-African audiences (film B'ella and film Zione); and working with Youth Clubs at the Model Childcare Centers.




Malawian children and youths who are capable of logical thinking and independent reasoning with a good foundation of knowledge which allows for healthy development of the nation.



To develop and implement innovative and low cost educational concepts that can be replicated in various communities across the world in order to raise the standards of education.



boNGO stands for “based on Need-driven Grassroots Ownership” - an acronym expressing the importance of a self-help approach by the beneficiaries and other people at the grassroots which boNGO considers a fundamental condition for sustainable development.


Since 2009 boNGO has also been active in the Czech Republic and Switzerland, home countries of two boNGO directors, where it works in the field of development education and raises funds for projects in Malawi.


boNGO Team – the organization was founded by its three directors in 2007 after their practical experience from developing the first Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame in the South of Malawi.


03.10.2017 Rotary Club supports 100 Happy Classrooms

Thanks to the Rotary Club Ostrava International (in the Czech Republic) and the Rotary Club of Limbe (in Malawi) 100 Happy Classrooms are being painted in rural Chiradzulu, southern Malawi. The painting started in July and will be finished in October 2017. Once the initial training of the teachers on how to use the painted walls during lessons is done (Oct-Nov2017), and a few months of practical experience is over, we are going to hold an IDEA EXCHANGE CONFERENCE. This conference is a first one of its kind in Malawi and  is intended for all teachers participating in our project. The best practices shared at the conference will be selected and organised into a HAPPY CLASSROOMS TEACHERS’ MANUAL, which will be from that time on distributed to all Happy Classrooms across Malawi. Manual distribution is planned for the second quarter of 2018. It is the combination of painted classrooms, the Conference, and the TEACHERS’ MANUAL distribution, that make our project unique and sustainable. Pictures on boNGO Worldwide Facebook.

22.03.2015 Big boNGO update for 2014

Download the update HERE.

10.06.2014 B'ella at film festivals

boNGO's film B'ella (see a new trailer) has been accepted for screening at two major international film festivals in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic in July) and Zanzibar (Tanzania in June). The Malawian premiere took place in April (read an article).

06.02.2014 Big boNGO update for 2013

Download the latest boNGO update HERE.

12.09.2013 3-minute film about the Happy Classrooms project

Watch a short film about the Happy Classrooms project which is making big changes in primary schools and has already reached over 800 classrooms. Would you like to "adopt" your own Happy Classroom?

24.03.2013 New film B'ella

Watch the unofficial trailer and read about the new film B’ella produced by boNGO. The film is mainly sponsored by the Czech Republican company Agrofert. Additional support was given by Mr Karel Janecek. Find an article from The Nation here. Photo-gallery on Facebook.

06.02.2013 Big boNGO update December 2012

Read about the latest news from our projects in Malawi HERE. You shall also learn about a new boNGO's feature-film B'ella - a secondary school drama from rural Malawi, funded by boNGO's partners from the Czech Republic.

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